From the award-winning costuming company, K2K Alliance & Partners, comes NORMÌ & NORMÌ, resort capsule pieces reimagined for every brand of beautiful.


NORMÌis committed to producing artfully crafted garments that provide an effortless yet glamorous statement for women. Mixing sophistication with sensual; and elegance with timelessness, the capsules are intended to capture romanticism. At the end of the day every woman desires to feel beautiful in her skin, and NORMÌ is crafted for every brand of beautiful.

The truth is - ESCAPE took root from a personal source -  I sat in my apartment, watching the sun fade over the Hudson River, the rapidly declining peach glow lighting up the sky as if Manhattan were smoldering. And as Manhattan burned, I thought of home. I remember a life from a distant past, echoes of waves crashing on Maracas beach, visions of frothy bubbles kissing the shore, and the taste of salt against my lips. But even as I tried to hold onto those memories, they blurred and bled like the slices of 

oranges and reds that bruised the Hudson River. And as I watched Manhattan burn, and the Hudson bleed, I thought, “Every now and then, don’t you just need to ESCAPE.” 

ESCAPE means, experiencing a sense of peace. The wardrobe pieces therefore are crafted to enhance that sense of freedom. The garments mix elegance with comfort, and the refined with easy.


K2K Alliance & Partners (“K2K”), an award-winning company, based in Trinidad and Tobago, originated from the desire to fill a gap in the Carnival landscape. K2K is a leading design-house, that combines tradition with the avant-garde. K2K is recognized for its artisanal craftsmanship and couture costuming. At its core, the Company acts as a medium to explore creative work, specifically fusing costume design with fashion. For more into our affiliate visit: k2k-carnival.com.

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